Ezy Dog Lifejackets

Ezy Dog Lifejackets

Thats right, keep your dog afloat with the new Ezy Dog Floatation Device!!!

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Ok, Although you may snigger at the thought of a doggy life jacket they could turn out to be a life saving device. A huge amount of people every year take their pets with them on cruising holidays or weekends, and for a dog, sometimes the temptation to jump in is just too much.

Dogs in general are natural swimmers but can easily tire over time or panic and get in to trouble. The Ezy Dog Lifejacket is designed to the same standards as “big people” buoyancy aids and will not only keep your dog afloat, but also upright with their head out of the water.


And for the older dog when joints start to go and energy levels drop swimming can be a great exercise, so why not pop your K-9 friend in a jacket and take the strain off.

We like the effort that has gone in to these products. Many pet products are good, but not quite up to a standard that you would want for a family pet. The device itself feels very robust with secure fastenings. A unique feature to this product is the buoyancy chambers that extend under the chin to keep the dogs head out of the water, its a really cool feature and means you don’t give the dog a dunking when pulling him out.

The Ezy Dog lifejackets come in a range of sizes to fit all makes and model of dog, and look pretty fly at the same time.

Even those not so fond of dogs here at Versatile marine admit this is a pretty cool product, even if you do have to spend the day next to a soggy pooch.

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Please note: due to equality laws we have to state that this product may also be used for cats …


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