The Versatile Marine team decided to lend you a hand and went through our range of gloves so you can get a pair that are just right.


We have a huge range of gloves in the store for loads of different activities. Everything from kayaking and surfing to, of course sailing. But which ones are the best for you and the best for the job? So we divided them up, put on a pair for the day and this is what happened …


Gul 5mm Power Gloves.

Gul 5mm Power Glove

Gul 5mm Power Glove

The Gul power gloves are designed as an all-round watersports glove. Featuring the Gul dubbed “Titanium 2” lining, the gloves are designed to keep your hands warm whilst giving you good grip in and out of the water.

Chris was left alone with the gloves for a while before telling us …

“A very comfortable pair of gloves but not the best I have ever tried. Although they are amazingly warm, all the layers around the palm and they way they are stitched together means that you cant fully make a fist.

They are dubbed an all-round glove but it seems that they only really come in to their own when surfing or body boarding. Anything that needs more finesse with your hands would probably be a struggle.”

Although Chris went for the usual Large glove he did have a struggle getting them off again (having to ask the rest of us to help him out).

The gloves are good and for £18 are an absolute bargain. For surfing, body boarding or anything else in the water these gloves are top-notch, they will leave your hands toasty warm and looking good but stay away if you need to be able to feel anything.


Gul 5mm Power gloves

Sizes S to XXL


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Gill Extreme Gloves.

Gill Extreme Glove

Gill Extreme Glove

Gill are right up there in the sailing world at the moment, and as such we expect a lot from their products, so Chris tried them out.

The gloves are made up of 1.5mm neoprene with “proton-ultra” fabric on the fingers and palms, and a hydrophobic lining to help keep your hands even warmer. Although they feature a wide array of made up words the seem to do the trick keeping you warm whilst giving you great grip and protection.

Straight off the bat the gill gloves are a lot more comfortable once you have the right size. The fingers are a little long compared to the rest of the glove but they are toasty warm. It takes a while to get used to the lining but it does make a world of difference with wet hands. They also have a really good bit of grip along the outside of the index finger that really helps on rope.

The gloves are marketed towards coastal and offshore sailing, but would work just as well in a dinghy or small keel boat.

Coming in at £34.99 its a little bit more to fork out but you will be very happy you did when sailing over a long distance or in bad weather.

Gill Extreme Gloves

Sizes XS – XXL


Gul Summer Gloves

Gul Summer Gloves

Gul Summer Gloves

I took the Gul Summer gloves which are by far my personal favorite. The summer gloves come in either a long finger, short finger or three finger version. All of them feature spandex on the back and a foam palm. The foam padding continues around the side and on to the back of the hand for a bit of protection, and all offer an adjustable wrist strap.

These are a true sailing glove, but as the name suggests are fairly light so perfect for the summer season. Although aimed more at the yacht market they are still good for dinghy sailing. They do absorb water pretty quickly so will leave your hands chilly over time, but they do the job well.

Gul Summer Gloves

Sizes S – XXL, plus a Junior Range


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Rooster Tacktile Glove

Rooster Tacktile Gloves

Rooster Tacktile Gloves

Next up is Roosters contribution to the game. A well known name in the dinghy sailing scene, rooster are currently leading the way in terms of technical clothing for the dinghies and small keel boats. For their tacktile glove rooster has gone down the same kind of lines as gul and gill with a light weight, short glove and heavy padding on the palm.

Overall its a very good set of gloves, comfortable and warm whilst maintaining flexibility. The almost leather like grip on the palm and outside of the hand gives huge amounts of grip and also takes the pressure off your hand.

Again like the gill and gull range the rooster gloves are available in a range of finger options, but all come with the adjustable wrist.

Other than the fact rooster seem to have employed Liberace to head up their design department, the gloves are way ahead of the others build quality.


Coming in at £16.99 the rooster gloves are a bargain.


Sizes S – XXL



Rooster have even gone to the trouble of making a video for us here:

Gill Three Seasons Gloves


Gill’s next offering is the Three Seasons Glove.

Aimed towards the dinghy market these gloves are designed to be used over, you guessed it, three seasons. Made up 1.5mm neoprene they are a spring/summer/autumn glove that will keep you warm in and out of the water.

Gill have tried really hard to make these gloves warm when wet, they have extended the cuff, created a neoprene blend with carefully stitched seams and been careful to maintain flexibility and grip.

They are a really good set of gloves and worth the money, depending on how hardy you are you could get away with wearing them through the winter as well.

Gill Three seasons Gloves

Sizes X-Small – X-Large


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Gill Deckhand Gloves

Finally Gill’s Deckhand Gloves finish off our collection. A pretty standard set of gloves for light dinghy use and cruising/racing on yachts. With many of the same features of Gul’s summer gloves they are hardy, light weight and durable. They continue the padding across the palm and the side of the hand. According to Gill the padding wont absorb water helping to keep your hands warmer.

Again a set of gloves aimed at summer use, but for yacht racing or cruising these gloves are more than good enough for year round use.

Gill Deckhand Gloves

Sizes X-Small – XX-Large and available in either long or short fingers.


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That rounds up our selection of gloves at Versatile Marine. A wide range of gloves for a wide range of uses. Finding the right pair can make a world of difference when you are out and about. Focusing on cold hands can distract you and on long distances can break spirits.

If you have anything to add about gloves and what you think leave a comment, if you need any more help choosing the right pair give us a call on 01326 377825 or pop in a see for yourself.