Versatile Trailer Rollers

Versatile Trailer Rollers

So by now hopefully the boat is in the water and you have been able to make use of the weather and had a few trips out. so why not take the time to replace those sticking and worn rollers.

Versatile Marine can supply you with brand new custom made rollers from acetal. The wonder that is our acetal rollers will make life 10x easier when launching and recovering and stand up to any winter season that you can chuck at them.

Our rollers come in 5 inch, 7 inch or 8 inch length, in either a “V” or “I” profile. You can also select the dimension of the central bore so the roller perfect fits your trailer.

Traditional rollers will compress over time with the weight of the boat leaving flat spots that will in time stop them revolving. As the trailer is left in the water nylon rollers will absorb moisture causing them to swell and again stop them from turning. Our acetal rollers and stronger and more resistant to wear and tear.  They will make launch and recovery a dream.

We also use this fantastic product to produce bow rollers and sheaves that will last for years and years. You will be amazed at what you can save.

But wait, there’s more!

If you cant find the size or shape? Our workshop can produce any custom size or shape that you need. Use them to replace the blocks on deck, give the Genoa cars a makeover, or replace those sticking mast blocks that makes hoisting the sail a pain.

Versatile Marine has supplied acetal products all across the UK for a wide range of uses, from super yacht builders, to the food industry and even to sculptures and artists.

We also supply all of our acetal products in trade packs that are perfect for any boat yard or chandlery.

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