Engineering Machining & Repairs

Engineering Machining & Repairs

Versatile Marine Engineering Machining & Repairs

Here at Versatile Marine we under take a variety of machining jobs. As well as manufacturing new parts. We repair parts for reuse. This often saves money or provides an option when parts are obsolete, unavailable or difficult to obtain. Although the main part of our business is marine sector we can complete work from all walks of life. Literally parts from super yachts to saucepan handles!


Often customers bring in corroded or worn parts which they have been told are scrap. Sometime this is the case, however more often than not we can rebuild the part to give it many more years of service.


We regularly receive parts in the post to repair. We are happy to complete the work and post the parts back. We can take payment via card, cheque. Paypal or bank transfer to make remote payment as easy as possible.


Routinely we undertake the following work:


  • Thread repair, ‘Helicoil’ installation and stud extraction
  • Thread cutting.
  • Skimming of cylinder heads, manifolds, castings & flywheels.
  • Bushing/re-bushing parts. Including making new bushes, boring out the part and pressing in bushes.
  • Bearing removal and installation.
  • Boring, turning and general lathe work.
  • Milling, drilling and general milling work.


We do simple steel welding but this is not our main line of work. If a job requires a small amount of stainless steel of aluminium welding we can get this completed by one of our local specialist fabricators. For larger or more technical welding work we would try and point you towards the correct people to undertake the whole job.


For queries please contact us below, photos may be helpful. If you are local to us please pop in with the part in question.

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