Parts Manufactured

Parts Manufactured

Here at Versatile Marine we can machine parts (Lathe & Milling) from your drawings, sketches or patterns. We usually complete custom one off parts, prototypes as well as small batches. As we are a marine based company we regularly machine stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and Acetal.


Common parts we manufacture are propeller shafts, rudder shafts, rudder bearings, shaft couplings, rollers, sheaves and bushes.


Drawings do not necessarily have to be a work of art as long as the required information is there. We often work from CAD, plans or doodles (or on a plank of wood in the case of the boat builders).


We work with large companies to the individual. We undertake large and small jobs.


For queries please email sketches/drawing or photos may be helpful. If you are local to us please pop in with the information for a chat.

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