Volvo Penta MS2 Spline Repair

Volvo Penta MS2 Spline Repair

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On some installations of the older type Volvo Penta 2000 series engines the splines on the gearbox input shaft have been know to wear severely, and in some cases the drive has failed completely.

Until recently the only way to reapir the problem was to buy a replacement set of gears and new drive plate, along with the associated problems of removing everything and stripping the gearbox at great expense.

A much easier way is to send us your worn shaft complete with bearing housing. We strip out the shaft, precision grind your worn splines down to a hexagon and make a new floating coupling. We then re-assemble the shaft back into your housing complete with new oil seal etc, and return it back to you. The flywheel is then bolted back on using our polyurethane cushion headed bolts, the heads of the bolts then drive the pockets in the floating coupling.


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